CounterPain Cream Original

Counterpain balm is a pain killing creme from Thailand indicated as a home treatment.

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Indicated for:


  • sufferers from stiff neck 
  • aching feet 
  • tennis elbow 
  • or any sore 
  • stiff, strained and painful muscles 


Active ingredients:


  • Eugenol 13,7 mg/g 
  • Menthol 54,3 mg/g 
  • Methyl Salicylate 102 mg/g 



Not to be used on infected and/or injured areas of skin.


There are no known side-effects.


From Comment
2009-10-05 Kawin T. Have you ever try to use Counterpain Balm or cream? I always have Counterpain balm in the house. Just in case that something happen with my muscle for example, I can immediately apply Counterpain Balm on top of the area where I have the pain from the muscle.

First time I bought Counterpain Balm was when I still lived in Asia. At that time, I think Counterpain was the first product that I knew could help me when I did wrong move and made a painful feeling on my muscle. But of course, Counterpain Baml or cream can also be used for stiff neck, aching feet, tennis elbow, or any sore, stiff, strained and another painful muscles.

In my opinion, this is most effective product that I ever find in my life. Really! I tried many kind of balm when I had painful muscles. But non of them really worked except Counterpain Balm Cream. And even when we were in Europe, I could still find Counterpain Balm in the drug store. I bought it immediately when I saw it in Europe. I like to put this Counterpain Balm when I have painful muscle. And I have painful muscle so often in Europe, especially because I need to do everything in the house by my self. And sometimes that can caused painful muscles.

In this place, there are two kind of Counterpain Balm creme that you can choose from the drug store or pharmacy store. One is with red color package. This was the first Counterpain Balm that I ever used. When you apply this balm on top of the skin where you have painful musles, you will feel warm or hot in that area. But after sometimes, the painful muscles will slowly disappear. And the other Counterpain that you can get here is the one with blue color package. If you apply this Counterpain balm, you will not feel hot in the area where you apply the creme. It’s not like the red one. But the results of those Counterpain product will be the same. I like to use the Blue one now. Because I will not feel the hot thing in my skin when I apply Counterpain Blam creme to reduce the painful muscles in my body.

And I normally apply it more than one time. The first time I apply is to reduct the pain and then I will continue to apply it again if I still feel the pain. Normally I will apply the second time few hours after the first one. And I always try to do it after taking a bath. Means that the balm will stay on top of my skin, in the place where I have painful muscles for longer time. But if I wash that area, of course the balm will be gone as well then you need to apply it again if you still have the pain in your muscles.

Counterpain can be found in drug store or pharmacy store near my place. But I am not sure if in the other country, you can get this Counterpain product easily. You’re lucky if you can find it easily in your country. It means that you can buy it easily whenever you have painful muscles and apply it in the area where the painful is.

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